Out Sourcing Services

From time to time, clients may require contract staffs for their businesses. This may be due to requirements of short term projects, sudden surge of required resources or even limitations of headcount approvals in an organization.

Whichever the situation may be, SP GLOBAL SOLUTIONS outsourcing and contract staffing services can be used as a strategy to assist the staffing needs suited for the workload and headcounts required. We provide clients with the management of our employees that covers all HR related matters including administration of monthly payrolling and benefits making it hassle free and easy for our clients.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

SP GLOBAL SOLUTIONS will manage the recruitment lifecycle and take on the responsibility of efficiently adjusting resource levels when hiring fluctuation occurs. With this, the client does not have to bear the burden of carrying unnecessary staff cost or experiencing shortage when greater resources are required. We implement sourcing, screening, reporting and performance methodologies for your entire organization while the existing HR team handles the interviewing, hiring and on boarding processes.

This enables our clients to focus on key areas such as aligning people’s strategies to business needs and concentrating on developing staff competencies, sales effectiveness as well as retention and attraction.